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Why SE16N?

For many years, we have been focusing on a narrow field, which is the SAP technology. It allows us to provide services at the highest level.

We build SAP solutions in increasing quality, combining them with expert knowledge of AWS and IBM Power Systems.

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More than 20 mln lines of ABAP code

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More than 150 SAP Certificates

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SAP Services
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As part of the service, we install new systems from the SAP Business Suite family (ERP, CRM, PLM, SRM, SCM) and SAP NetWeaver (BW, EP, PI, MDM, GW, IDM, SSO, CE, CS). Depending on the solution chosen and the initial requirements, we determine with Customer the installation model, the use of solutions ensuring the continuity of the production system and the target architecture.

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Technical upgrade is the process of upgrading the SAP system environment components with the existing functionality and client solutions.

Together with Customer, we develop the project schedule and the technical concept of the upgrade, we make the upgrade, we adapt the dictionary and programming objects, and if necessary, we migrate the systems to Unicode. We help to carry out dimensioning for the target environment and we suggest how to go through the upgrade project taking into account other systems and their relationships.

As few in the market, we have the "SAP E2E Program Manager Technical Upgrade Management" certificate, which confirms our competence in the area of ​​performing technical upgrade projects.

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We provide services to update SAP environments to the latest versions of components, both in the area of ​​operating systems, databases, kernel and SAP components. We monitor systems on an ongoing basis, and EWA (EarlyWatch Alert Report) recommendations are implemented in systems.

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ABAP Development

Our offer also includes ABAP and WebDynpro ABAP programming works.

We have know-how supported by many years of experience. When designing and building customer solutions, we focus on the maximum use of the SAP standard.

We offer the following programming services in the SAP area:

  • Analysis, design and realisation of client solutions for the SAP system
  • Development of the existing SAP environment
  • Extensions of SAP standards
  • Analysis, development and execution of performance tests
  • Creating extractors for Data Warehouses
  • Creating / verifying detailed technical documentation
  • Designing business solutions from the technical side
  • Expert consultations
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We integrate SAP system environments with each other, as well as with third party systems. According to SAP recommendations, we recommend using the SAP integration bus (Process Orchestration) to integrate the SAP environment with third party systems.

We design and build safe and reliable solutions.

Our services are:

  • Technical installation and configuration of SAP Process Orchestration
  • Analysis, design and creation of interfaces between systems using the SAP Process Orchestration integration bus
  • Integration with the use of modern technologies (including: SAP Proxy, SOAP, WebService, JDBC, Plain HTTP (S), Mail, JMS, Marketplace, File / FTP)
  • Creating interfaces for external systems directly from the SAP ERP system (without the use of an integration bus)
  • Creation of interfaces to internal systems directly from the SAP ERP system (without the use of an integration bus)
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System copy

Automatic copy of SAP systems guarantees security in the event of data failure or loss. Apart from the standard approach and data placement in the local infrastructure, we offer backup of data to the AWS cloud.

In addition, we implement projects to launch the Data Recovery Center at Amazon Web Services.

This approach minimizes the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and increases security in the event of a failure.

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Migration of SAP environments is a service addressed to Clients who plan to change the technical platform or change the database in the SAP system environment.

Our offer includes joint preparation of the schedule, the concept of migration and migration of the SAP system environment.

In the case of the SAP ERP environment, we recommend migration and upgrade of existing SAP ERP systems to the SAP HANA platform. The target version of the ERP system is 6.0 EHP 8 with the latest available SPS available at the time of the upgrade.

Our competences are confirmed by certificates in the area of ​​SAP OS/DB migration.

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We offer our clients the opportunity to transfer the entire SAP environment to the AWS cloud (Amazon Web Services).

Our AWS and SAP architects will design the optimal hardware, logical and network architecture in your cloud.

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We offer audit of technical areas in the SAP environment. If you want to make sure that your system is stable and properly configured, we can check it.

We also provide verification and audit services for project documentation in the technical area and audit of the legal use of SAP licenses.

In the area of ​​our services you will find:

  • Technical audit - technical check of the SAP environment
  • Programming audit - analysis of client solutions
  • Programming audit - ABAP query analysis
  • Audit of a technical concept
  • Audit of administrative procedures
  • Audit of a programming documentation
  • SAP license audit
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By opting for the migration of SAP systems to the SAP HANA platform, our support, competence and experience are of key importance when dimensioning equipment, architecture design, as well as data export and import.

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Technical Blueprint

Our team of SAP architects will help you in the preparation and design of the optimal IT architecture of your SAP environment, responding to business requirements and using the latest SAP components.

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Technical support ensures a high level of security and uninterrupted work. As part of our support services, we offer our clients retention packages that allow you to choose the right level of service depending on your needs. We use system integrated with mobile applications to service calls, thanks to which our clients have direct access to applications from their smartphones.

We provide services for monitoring, maintaining and administering SAP systems in the 7/24 model.

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Package Solution Manager

Solution Manager is a tool supporting the administration, implementation and development of the SAP system.

Solution Manager is a system that supports the process of upgrading or implementing a new SAP environment.

We offer you a service which final result is the installed and configured SAP Solution Manager system in the latest version 7.2 with the highest available collective patch package (SPS) installed.

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Package Hybris Marketing

The marketing solution offered by us, SAP Hybris Marketing, allows you to achieve additional benefits in the key areas of your company's marketing activities, such as analysis, consolidation and insight into customer data, providing the best customer experience and flexibility in marketing activities.

The system gives the opportunity to manage marketing campaigns, customer segmentation and targeting. In addition, identification of potential new sales leads.