AWS Cloud Services

Why SE16N?

We are a team with an average of 13 years of experience in the IT industry. We have gone a long way from the on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. We have developed our competences in local data centers.

We know the challenges related to the construction of on-premise infrastructure, security, high availability and disaster recovery. We know what technical and mental change is needed on the way to the future. We know where traps are waiting on this road and how to avoid them.

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We are Certified AWS Partner
AWS Numbers
The total size of implementation

1050 CPU
9500 GB RAM
41000 GB HDD

The largest AWS System

64 CPU
2048 GB RAM
5000 GB HDD

Transferred data


Over 15 TB of data transferred to AWS

Training hours


More than 2400 hours spent on AWS trainings

AWS Certificates


12 AWS certificates: associate, professional, speciality in 2018

AWS Services
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SAP ON AWS - Our specialty!

  • We will implement your SAP solution in AWS.
  • We will migrate your systems to the cloud or from the cloud to the on-premise solution you have selected.
  • We will do a comprehensive audit of your AWS cloud solution from SAP software to the infrastructure and help you achieve the expected performance, or reduce the level of costs.
  • We will take care of the overall maintenance of your systems to the SAP software layer, inclusive - You take care of business, we will take care of your systems.
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Migration of infrastructure to the AWS cloud

We will transfer your systems to Cloud and make sure that the solution is cost-effective.

Everyone who implements a cloud solution and starts to use subsequent services in this cloud, includes the next gear for the development of their own business.

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Building Disaster Recovery solutions in the AWS cloud

If you are wondering how to build a cheap DR solution, then AWS is just for you. Here, you do not need to have servers, arrays, switches, routers and other equipment in a remote location. All you need is a backup and... some lines of code.

Our solution, _Infrastructure as a Code_, will create a new environment within a few hours, recreate backups and restore them to operation far beyond the disaster domain: Germany? Ireland? United States? or maybe Singapore? The choice is yours.

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Backup and archiving to the cloud

Maintain AWS cloud backups on S3 or Glacier resources, gaining durability at 99.999999999%. Thus, having backup in three isolated places.

We will help you safely move to the cloud and make sure that the solution is competitively priced and unbeatable with its functionally compared to on-premise backup.

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Audit and optimization of AWS Infrastructure in terms of cost and performance

AWS gives you many possibilities:

  • If you can do something easily then you do not have to "know how".
  • If you do not need to “know how”, you do not know when mistakes are made.
  • If you make mistakes, the environment stops working steadily and efficiently or its costs grow drastically.
  • In all these aspects, we can help you.
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Maintenance of systems in the cloud

Based on our experience and the best practices from the largest financial institutions in Poland, we will take care of the overall maintenance of your systems.

You take care of your business, we will take care of your systems.